Photo critiques

Set up an in-depth critique of your PHOTOGRAPHY over the phone


My Philosophy

Art is subjective and can't be defined. Art is about breaking rules. However, it helps to know the rules before you break them. If you're new to photography and want to learn more about what makes a great image, a critique is for you. I approach all my critiques with an open mind. Although I have my own style and preferences in photography, I don't let that fully dictate the feedback I give you. My goal with every critique is to give you constructive feedback based on your skill level and help you better understand the fundamental rules of composition, exposure, and editing. Over the years, I've been taught art by multiple teachers and I've also taught art to others. I've seen many students have their personal styles influenced and changed by teachers and I don't like that. Art is about being creative and original, and I don't think a student's art can be pure when their style has been influenced by someone else. Because of this, I'm always very careful to not influence and change the styles of those I critique. My goal is to help you find your unique style and develop it into something great.


Knowledge is the best thing you can invest in and it can never be taken away from you. The feedback I give is based on the individual photo being critiqued. This type of personalized analysis isn't available from reading about photography online and it will quickly help you see where your work can be improved. There are plenty of sources for getting your work critiqued online, but I believe my critiques are more valuable because they are done while on the phone. This allows for a two-way coversation about your photos where we can talk about things like the thought process you had when taking a photo. 

Setting Up Your Critique